Mr. Toby

Author: Toby

Just a bit about me, Little Ole` Toby.   I was born in 1998 in N.C.   The first 11 years of my life was a happy and content one.  Listening to Classical Music was a favorite pastime for me and my dad.  All of that changed, though, when my dad became to sick to take care of me in the spring of 2009.   Although he lovingly  took me to a sanctuary shelter to await for adoption, it was never the same as “Home”.

Forward to  early fall  of 2009…    My future mom  lost her ” Beloved Alexander”  and was grieving.   I was still waiting in a cage, to be adopted.Toby Playing Tiger  (rolling around back and forth on the floor)  So where do you think we met?   You guessed it–we met through the internet. My new mom came to the shelter to meet me and made  all the arrangements for my adoption.  Wow, I sure was looking forward to having a “Home” again…

Fast forward three years later…  My mom and I are truly  happy together!  I get to play musical chairs all day, roll on the floor playing tiger and sleep with my mom at night.  I even have my own  “Toby Cubes” to sit on in front of the windows for my sunbathe  and watching the birds.

It’s really good to have my “Forever Home” again…

Update April 2015 – Author:  Toby’s Mom

My Sweet Toby lived to be 17 years and 2 months old.  He was a real sweetheart, smart as a whip, and a truly  wonderful bed buddy.  We were very bonded and communicated extremely well.  He was my best friend.  Toby knew I loved him and I know that he loved me.  That  is the comfort that helps us when we are parted from our pets.

His spirit lives and I know we will one day meet again.  Good nite my little darling…  I love you.




Mr. Toby - Looking up

Mr. Toby


Toby enjoying his Sunbathe

” I Enjoy Having My Sunbathe Every Day”


Toby in Peek-A-B00 look



Toby looking out of the window Watching The Birds

“Watching The Birds” Is A Favorite Part Of My Day


Toby Grooming

” Grooming Is An Important Part Of The Day”


Toby Rolling Around the Floor Playing Tiger

” I Love To Roll Around The Floor Playing Tiger”


Toby Looking Up

“Looking Handsome As Always”


picture of Toby, the gray long fur cat

“My Sweet Boy Toby”



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