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Sweet  Hopi

Author:  Hopi’s Mom

Our “Sweet Little Hopi” was found by my husband, after he saw her run over by a car in front of him on a busy Portland street.  He took her to a veterinary emergency clinic  to save her.   She had a fractured hip, so they did emergency surgery and pinned her little hip.

Her New Home:   We brought her home to live with us, and believe that was the first time she had ever been inside a house.  We made her a  comfortable and cozy bed in a very  large kennel to keep her private.   We were so afraid the 6 weeks of confinement she would need  for healing, would be stressful for her.  She was such a good girl,  did really well  and loved her kennel…  She adored and bonded with our cat Tavish.

Hopi was the sweetest and happiest little cat I have ever seen.  She loved to  play, was quite a talker and talked to us all the time.  She had such a wonderful spirit…

She died at 4 years old after a short illness.  I have her picture by my meditation bench and she helps me persist in this world.  I can still feel “Her Spirit” and “Her Love”.  Hopi knows ” I love her” where ever she is.


Sweet Hopi- beige and white cat

“Sweet Hopi”


Sweet Hopi - beige and white cat

” Hopi was a Happy Little Girl”