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Adorable  Rowan

Author:  Rowan’s Mom

Rowan found us 10 years ago.  She was our most damaged cat emotionally, and was a mess.  Her fur was as stiff as a porcupine and whenever you said anything that sounded remotely cross, she would vomit.  Her nerves were shattered and she was very much in need of a quiet , loving, home.  With our  love and care, her fur softened up and she became healthier,  slowing trusting us.

She is the champion of the household now.  She is a fierce girl and no one messes with her, and better not with any of us.  Everyone says she is so sweet, but I thinkAdorable Rowan relaxing in a box in front of a window the racoon she pinned on the deck would have a different story to tell!

Rowan is very social and will comfort anyone in pain.  She knows my return time from work and waits on the deck for me until I come home.  She sleeps on  top of my head and wakes me up a couple of times a night for a hug by tapping me with her paw until I wake up.

My husband has taught her  to lay on her back when she wants soft food.  When she first learned this, we would find her in the hallway on her back waiting for her soft food.  Now, when she hears the can open, she picks out a spot where  she wants to eat and we follow her or find her.  She loves to change places constantly…

She is our nature girl and likes to go out on the deck in all kinds of weather.  Being alone outside is not safe for her because we have coyotes here, so I take her out on a leash in the garden every day, as she loves that.  It is our dream to have a safe fenced in yard for her some day.  We adore her with all our heart…


"Adorable  Rowan relaxing on the table under  the stained glass lamp" - calico cat

“Adorable Rowan Relaxing In One Of Her Favorite Places”


"Rowan Playing In The Snow"

“Rowan Playing In The Snow”


"Beautiful , Sweet Face of Rowan"

“Beautiful , Sweet, Rowan”


"Rowan Searching For Something In The Snow"  (Head Looking Down Toward The Snow)

“Rowan Searching For Something In The Snow”


"Rowan Claming Priority Relaxing In The Box By The Window"

“Rowan Has Claimed Priority On This Relaxing Spot”