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“Boykin Boy”

Author:  Boykin’s Mom

Boykin’s passing on Friday, August 2, 2013, marks a 19 year lifespan for “My Wonderful Boykin Boy” Maine Coon Cat.

Maine Coon cats  have wonderfulBoykin, Maine Coon Cat temperaments and Boykin was never ill during his entire 19 years of life.

Boykin shared my office chair with me and it is not the same without him.

He was the Alpha male of my cat family and the other four (4) are now quite lost without him.

Bonnie Sue, Boykin’s sister, passed three (3) years ago.

Boykin is now reunited with his sister, Bonnie Sue and My Mom in “Heaven’s Paradise”.

It is with time that my heart will heal knowing that one day we will all be together again.

Until we meet again, Good Night for now,  “My Sweet Boykin”.


image of Boykin Maine Coon Cat

“My Wonderful Boykin Boy”
1994 – 2013




Mr. Tavish

Author:  Tavish’s Mom

Tavish came to us from a shelter in Portland.  My husband and I  went looking for a dog and ended up in the cat section.  We asked the volunteer to show us the sweetest cat and she said without hesitation, “He is in the sick ward”.   He was watching as we approached his cage and  reached his paw out and caressed my face.  It was “Love At First Sight”.

When he was first with us, he would steal items like rings, earrings, and anything else that was shiny and hide them in secret places.  His favorite hiding place was under rugs.Curious Tavish - Tabby Cat  He loves to jump to your shoulder and go for walks outside like that.

Surfing:   He is a very curious animal and a little accident prone.    One night he was up late with me and evidently leaning against the screen to hard, watching some racoons.  The screen popped out and he went  “surfing on the screen”,  flying down two stories.   Thankfully,  I heard something and went around to let him in,   unharmed.

He is a loving boy who is very simple in his needs.  Give him a little shoulder time, some treats, stand by him when he eats and he is happy.   He likes to hold hands and sleeps cheek to cheek for some of the night.  He has been with us 13 years and is still the sweetest boy.


Tavish  "Hanging Out" with his paw hanging  over his bed

Tavish Loves To “Hang Out”


Tavish Sitting In The Window - (inside of the house)

Tavish Sitting In Front Of The Window – “No Surfing Today”…


Mr. Tavish Relaxing

Mr. Tavish Relaxing


Tavish in Profile Watching Out of The Window

Tavish Watching For a Racoon


"Sweet, And Loving Tavish"

“Sweet And Loving Tavish”